Among its facilities the hotel features a 9-hole golf course, overlooking the sea and the horizon of the Picos de Europa. Here at the golf club you can learn as well as play:


  • Golf lessons for beginners, experienced players and groups
  • Lessons for individuals and groups
  • Businesses and groups
  • Register with the Spanish Golf Federation Lessons taught by professional player and instructor.


Our golf course is divided into two parts, consisting of 7,8 / 1,2 and 9 holes, in the Northeast, often conditioned by the wind from the Cantabric sea, and, the other part, consisting of the remaining holes, where the orography protect the wind significantly, and consequently, the game.

The field was opened in 2002, is located 100 meters above the sea, between Cantabric sea and the Picos de Europa. It's plenty of native tree species that are integrated with the landscape of golf course, making the golf game a wonderful experience.

The course is perfectly suited on the orography, built into a natural environment, isolated from urban centers. As a result of integration with nature, our golf course is perfectly adaptable to any golfer, regardless of the level of the player. In the golf course, we have the following services such as, driving range, rental of all equipment, Pro-shop, organizing competitions among others.

Rovacías Golf website


In addition, golf enthusiasts can enjoy two other golf courses within 15 minutes from the hotel:

  • Oyambre Golf Course
  • Santa Marina Golf Course





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